Death toll from Hiroshima landslides reaches 50; 38 missing


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Sad to see the body count going up, but I guess that's to be expected with so many still missing after so long. The worst is incessant rainfall, and it looks like we're in for quite a wet week. Take care, people.

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I can't get that mother's screams out of my head, where she is desperately screaming at her two boys, one 2, one 11, buried in the mud 'Not to die', to 'fight', christ, Harrowing. What is it with TBS putting the mic in children's faces and waiting for them to cry? Very un-Japanese reporting. On Mr Sunday today, following a teenager around who was searching for an obviously dead friend. Voyeurism at its very worst. Terribly sad. Be strong those who've lost loved ones.

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@UK9393 "I can't get that mother's screams out of my head,"

Yes, that was hard to watch/listen to, as well as their little friends crying pitifully at their funeral.

Every person lost was precious in some way, but the different stories affect us in different ways. I keep thinking about the 7-month pregnant woman and her husband. They only just moved into the brand new 4-unit apartment building a couple of months ago. Now there is seemingly no trace of the building or occupants (8 I think). If only they had rented in another building, on another street....

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JT, could you gather info on organizations that are helping out and in need of volunteers or donations? What do people in shelters need that a stranger far away could help provide? I'm guessing Hiroshima Red Cross might be a good place to start...

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That pesky ring of fire again. I'd try to develop geothermal power. Use those volcanoes.

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Here's the local # that they're showing on TV 080-2931-3242

good luck!

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