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Debris still washing up in U.S. 4 years after Japan tsunami


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It's crazy that they are still getting debris 4 years later.

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Why is it crazy? The Pacific ocean is big, and there was a lot of debris. Of course there will be debris washing up on Pacific beaches for years and years to come. A lot will be caught up in the big gyres to remain for decades, too.

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There's probably a debris collection area in the middle of the Pacific where the prevailing currents circle.

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Japan should be paying for this clean up, and it should have hired some ships and trawlers to go out and clean it up so it did not travel this far and create such damage, it is the responsibility of the Government of JAPAN TO CLEAN UP THEIR OWN AN TO GET THE MISSING BODIES BACK TO THE FAMILIES OR JUST RESPECT THE DEAD AND BRING THEM HOME,

Just another Government passing the buck expecting the United States Tax Payer to pick up the tab! The US Pays people just to keep our Beaches clean and here we have others that do not care about picking up their own mess, they knew they built in a place they were not allowed and now the people paid with their lives because a government wanted more tax money and to sell more Land to tax in places which they knew were going to be destroyed, and now the Government gives 10 cents on the dollar which the ir citizens lost.

Do you call this fair? I DO NOT!!!

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