Decommissioning Fukushima nuclear plant likely to take 30 years


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Finally some realistic figures being quoted.

Though they have yet to develop any technology that can go inside the reactor basements and view the melted down fuel, to see the actual situation. Carbon-based workers would last just seconds in the "dry well" areas which were putting out more than 500 Sv/ hr at the beginning of October, that's 500,000 milliSieverts/ hour.

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Imagine... if they started working on it NOW they could have completely eliminated nuclear power as an energy source by the time this wasted plan is decommissioned. They won't, though... the power companies will insist it's 'safe' and 'clean' and we'll still be cleaning up their messes instead of being clean years down the road.

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Which means it will take 30 years for the public to stop paying for TEPCO's mistakes -- at least.

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Oh, that CHEAP electricity. The people who try this as cheap energy are deniers of truth.

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At least there's finally a lid on a large part of the problem;

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