Spring decorations announcement to be pushed back due to imperial succession


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Emperor Akihito who will abdicate on April 30, becoming the first living Japanese monarch to relinquish the throne in about 200 years.

What'e the point in repeating this line in every article regarding the abdication of the Emperor? We have been reading it for nearly a couple of years now.

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Well as we know things like the Nobel prize are not awarded but asked for. So Imperial medals are they any different? In saying that I've met 2 people who have received such medals and both were high up beauracracts so the days of being ordinary and doing something extraordinary now don't count. Being a cog in the system is now rewarded.

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There is tradition and there is protocol. As much as there can be "expectations", there is no requirement that something be the "same" each and every year or every time. So let us look forward to the next one when it happens. It may be of extreme interest for those that are "expecting" or are looking forward to the event, but probably very few are concerned about the exact date.

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I highly doubt that anyone posting on JT really gives a crap one way or the other, and I will also bet that no one who is actually nominated or wins one of these awards reads the articles or posts here.

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