Deep-sea explorers seek out sunken World War II ships


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Can't they just leave these things alone as a sign of respect?

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Can't they just leave these things alone as a sign of respect?

Agreed. What exactly are people looking for?

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Paul Allan could find better use for his money.

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Paul Allan could find better use for his money.

except he's dead!

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You ask did something happen before.....

You forget or chose to ignore the fact that Japan embarked on a military expansionism campaign during the 1930s, beginning with invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and China in 1937 and committing horrible atrocities, i.e, the notorious rape of Nanking and Unit 731 chemical and biological warfare in China. Also, Japan invaded other Asian countries. All this occured prior to 1941.

FDR demanded Japan to stop its military expansionism and occupation of China. Japan refused to halt hostilities in China. So the US responded with sanctions and embargoes. While US and Japan were trying to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels, Japan secretly sent an naval armada to attack Pearl Harbor.

As for FDR ordering to sink any German ships in the Atlantic Ocean, again your history is suspect. It was Hitler who ordered U-Boats to sink any British and allied ships in the Atlantic. The US was not directly involved in European Theater at that time.

It was Churchill who wanted the U.S. to join the war effort, but FDR, in his 1940 reelection campaign promised not to send any American boys into a foreign war. So his hands were tied at that point. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the US had no choice but to declare war on Japan. In response, Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S.

Is it your opinion that Japanese 1930s military expansionism and invasion of Manchuria and China never happened? And that Japan never had ambitions of dominating Asia at that time? And it was the US who was the instigator of the war in the Pacific?

It is interesting that the Japanese aircraft carrier of the carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor.....was finally found.

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God bless all those young crew lost their lives on their ship, most were military draft on that time of war, from both sides...

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