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Deer-friendly digestible paper bags developed in Japan


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interesting, I hope this carries on to other products as well. If herbivores can eat it, it can decompose a lot faster as well. I wonder if human stomachs can also digest this?

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Japan tech, simply the best.

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"We made the paper with the deer in mind,"

No, you made the paper with your bank accounts in mind.

0 ( +6 / -6 ) why not a picture of a bag instead of a deer?

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only tourists would buy this and I’ve seen zero tourist this year.

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This is all cool but quite don't understand the point. So they made paper bags that deer can digest, somehow.

Plastic bags discarded by visitors are a threat to the deer dwelling in and around the vast park.

Exactly, this means visitors are littering—why they do that, how to mitigate it, and where the new paper bags fit in the story? Are they gonna stop everyone to repack their stuff into the digestible paper bags which can later be tossed around?

But some tourists are apparently giving them other snacks taken from plastic bags.

This is so wrong on so many levels. I hate people giving snacks to or anyhow feeding (especially wild) animals—even if with good intention. Usually it’s causing more harm than good. Even in this case, just following the articles this year going along the lines “oh… my… gawd… deer in Nara are forced to eat grass and stuff, savage!”

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No, you made the paper with your bank accounts in mind.

Used to live in Nara near the park. Everything was geared to protect the deer and to maintain their good health. No lighting in the park after a certain time. Rituals are held where antlers are cut and at the same ritual you can see plastic bags being removed (pulled out from their backsides.) The park is constantly being cleaned of litter and the droppings. Of course, the deer are a money spinner but it goes beyond that, they are considered sacred and are treated as such.

So let's not be cynical. Ideas that can help the deer and the environment needs our encouragement

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