'Diaper sushi' proving popular as baby gift in Japan


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DickTaterTots: "I think some ppl are missing the point, it's not sushi that you eat, it's diapers rolled up and covered with "toppings" (other useful baby items) in the shape of sushi. "

No one's missing the point. It's just a stupid idea, and worse that it relates sushi to poop and pee. You going to pull a diaper like this out for a baby's dirty bottom while you're out eating sushi, be my guest, but please do it in the bathroom, and don't show them off.

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I think some ppl are missing the point, it's not sushi that you eat, it's diapers rolled up and covered with "toppings" (other useful baby items) in the shape of sushi. I'm not really interested in the world of motherhood and babies and stuff but it is a neat idea because new mothers do tend to need diapers but people might feel strange just giving plain diapers as a gift. Plus, the guy who started this is specifically employing women who can't find normal jobs because they have to take care of young children at home. It's only 10 people but it's still a good thing that he decided to go for people who are often overlooked or feel unable to get jobs. He gets my thumbs up even if his idea is a bit offbeat.

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Yes friends, Diaper Sushi™, for the Discriminating New Mother®.

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smith, pacint, Goodlucktoyou- You guys all made me laugh today. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

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Curse you. Now I think of Green Thai Curry = green poo.

Aaargh, the memories.

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@smith. was gonna eat curry for lunch, but changed to somen.

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Was thinking of sushi for lunch, but I'll pass now. This is about as great an idea as "diaper bag of Indian curry". Whose genius idea was this? My wife will become FURIOUS with me if I even suggest food looks like anything else than food, or try and clever word play with the food we're going to eat that will associate it with something she dislikes.

This idea is straight from the crapper.

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Recall one baby-shower I attended.

Mother to be had to pop for a chocolate bar floating in a chamber bowl filled with Fanta Orange. Looked disgusting?

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It sounds more like coprophagia - yuck!

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Diaper Chocolate?

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Diaper (nappy) sushi...

Sounds like a clever euphemism...

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I'm still trying to understand this news. i think i am out of the loop regarding intelligence. diaper sushi???

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Have to say, first time in my life that I was spammed by a diaper!

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