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Diet panel questions TEPCO president


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Funny, Imai is complaining that TEPCO knew about the water problem two years ago and did nothing about it. News flash Imai-San! So did your government and you did nothing about it either!

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They should be questioning Shimizu and Katsumata, not Hirose. All the government LDP, and NISA folks who were involved with creating this fiasco from the beginning should also be questioned. Barking up the wrong tree while showing a pretense of doing something "responsible." What a waste of time and money for a dog and pony show.

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Asking why someone did or didn't do something (with negative effects) accomplishes very little.

Focus on what can and will be done to achieve positive outcomes.

Less "ganbare" and more "shuuchuu shiro!", please.

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But hang on... I thought it was all "under control". Don't tell me it was all guff!

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It looks more of a PR gimmick....pretending that gvt is putting pressure on TEPCO to get thinks right. Carelessness and/or intentional poisoning of people, the atmosphere and entire natural ecosystems with dangerous nuclear radiation is a crime that must be tried and settled in the international courts of law..

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The title should be "TEPCO INCOMPETENCE".

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