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Disabled account for over 20% of 2010s Japan disaster-linked deaths


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Sad but true fact that the disabled here are more often than not being taken care of by parents, many whom are elderly themselves and could or are disabled themselves.

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It's never unrelated to recent Japanese society where spread horrible thought that disregard even the lives of social vulnerables.

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Anyone with a disability anywhere in the world will have higher risks during disasters. They need a group of support people, usually family, who can check in on them, especially during disasters. These people need to let local govt rescue organizations know about their disability and other limitations. Then they need to be very loud during a disaster to ensure that help gets there.

People with disabilities need to make hard choices about where they live, so they won't be stuck in locations without local family to help and a family advocate when their situation worsens for any reason.

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A certain amount of self-reliance is necessary to survive a disaster; unfortunately, aid and services needed by those with disabilities are overwhelmed during disasters. Sad indeed, but statistics like these only reflect a stark reality, not any kind of neglect by society.

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