Disaster-prone Japan to step up efforts to help evacuees with pets


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As an animal lover, this is good news. I remember that dog that got swept along with debris and was found at sea by fishermen during the 2011 quake.

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Japan has 21m pets and 19m children 14yrs or under. Surely pet should have proper rights?

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Now there’s something most forget about during catastrophes, the millions of pets that stay behind and unfortunately pass away.

Great effort/initiative by the government!

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Good start, but don't procrastinate which the local governments seem to be doing. Disasters don't wait to happen.

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Privately-run shelters and grassroots groups have borne the weight of caring for pets abandoned after a natural disaster. There should absolutely be steps in place for people to be sheltered together with their animals.

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Good Post @Aly Rustom 8:28a JST “shouldn't the gov step in and help? - They listened!(somewhat)! It’s a great PR move to ‘save defenseless animals. However, ‘checklists’ for municipal governments do nothing without MOE enforcement and penalties. Let’s not forget the abandoned dolphin in the aquarium near Tokyo; “  The owners and city dragged their feet until She died, alone.

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But not people.

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I’ll make my own shelter outside of necessary. Knowing how to do this is one of the benefits of having grown up in the countryside.

More people should be self-sufficient like this.

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My dog is very socialized and intelligent and cute. In time of a disaster he can release stress to scared evacuates.

He doesn’t bark.

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Awesome dogs! @Toshihior, P.Smith!

Upvotes agree with you @Goodlucktoyou 7:12 am JST “Japan: 21m pets & 19m children 14yrsold. Surely pet should have proper rights?”

Unfortunately, in Japan, legally, most animals are seen only as ‘property’. This P-Rrticle is just about ‘paper rustling’. They want obaachan ‘ready to evacuate’ when most would prefer to StayHome with their pets. We’ve seen, in crisis, the living chattel will be left behind .

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Great Rescue! by the JapaneseCoastGuard! - - Thanks! @ToshihiRo ; )

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. “

Mahatma Gandhi

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I hope also people without pets can enter the shelters that do allow pets - I for one would absolutely love it and would choose such a shelter over a ‘no pets shelter’ without doubt. Animals alleviate stress.

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If you have a dog, get a tent. My wife and I spent a week in ours with our whippet after the Kumamoto quakes, right next to a shelter which provided warm food.

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