Disinfection measures begin at Chiba hotel used as quarantine facility for Wuhan evacuees


Disinfection measures began Sunday at a hotel in Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture, where 177 Japanese nationals who were aboard the first chartered flight to evacuate from Wuhan, the epicenter for the COVID-19 outbreak in China, had been staying for a two-week quarantine. 

Following their release from the hotel on Feb 13, the hotel began disinfecting the premises to resume normal business operations, Fuji TV reported. According to the Cabinet Office, rooms where evacuees who tested positive for the novel coronavirus stayed have been disinfected. Futons and tatami mats have also been replaced. 

The building is scheduled to complete disinfection procedures by Feb 21. The hotel will reopen for business on March 1.

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"According to the Cabinet Office ........"

To be quite honest, that's all I had to read.

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Will be interesting to see the number of bookings to the place over the next couple of months.

The hotel has some tough times ahead.

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^ Jesus Christ

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Feel sorry for the owner of that hotel...

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To be quite honest, that's all I had to read.

The Cabinet Office is not making this up.

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