21-meter-long dock found in Oregon is tsunami debris


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Wow, I hope that people out of curiosity dont hurt themselves trying to climb all over it. Amazing what will float across the ocean.

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That is a huge piece of debris to make it all the way to Oregon intact.

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if it's entirely made of concrete and metal, how does it float? must have some buoyancy tanks attached as well?

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Havel said the department would be responsible for removing the barge

I think you mean "dock"?

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“This is tsunami debris, not just from Japan, but from the tsunami itself,” Havel said.

Strange way to say that

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It’s made of concrete with a metal pontoon

Jan, check out the meaning of pontoon

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Jan, a ship is made entirely of metal, how does it float?

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HUGE. imagine swimming and this thing comes right at ya. scary moment.

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It's shaped like Noah's Ark. That rectangular shape must help to make it seaworthy.

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papigiulio, it's not going to come unnoticed that fast, but I know what you mean. We are going to get news like this more often now.

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are they expecting japan to go and pick it up? hard to tell...hmmm

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While this is newsworthy,it is the tonnes and tonnes of smaller debris that make up the huge pile floating to the west will require a massive cleanup effort in the near future.....

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are they expecting japan to go and pick it up? hard to tell...hmmm

No, the Oregon authorities are going to figure out what to do. They also probably want to minimize any invasive species issues first.

The plaque has been put in storage. It was not yet determined whether the dock would be towed off the beach and floated somewhere for disposal, or cut up on the beach for removal.

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Scanning it for radiation when the plaque on it says it came from nowhere near Fukushima? Obsessive waste of money and time.

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"A starfish native to Japan was among the marine life still clinging to the structure after the long voyage, Havel said."

How many new species are swimming to North America as we speak?!?

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That starfish must have been scared shitless.

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Ocean going vessels have been transporting critters on their hulls & in balast tanks for ages.

They are supposed discharge & refill to minimize moving critters across the globe, some do, some dont, its hardly a new problem

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I hope the TSA got the starfish's fingerprints!

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That starfish must have been scared shitless.

It most likely grew a sixth arm, entirely filled with gonads.

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They'll probably have to blow it up.

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if it's entirely made of concrete and metal, how does it float?

Just do a bit of arithmetic. It floated because it's bigger than 165 tons of seawater. Evidently there's some empty space inside.

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