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Dog attacks 3 sheep in Nagano Prefecture


Authorities have seized a dog after it attacked three sheep in Ina, Nagano Prefecture, police said Monday. The medium-sized mixed breed is one meter long and was not wearing a collar at the time of its capture.

According to police, the dog attacked three sheep at the back of a home at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, Fuji TV reported. While two sheep sustained injuries from being bitten, one sheep was killed. After the home owner reported the attack, local officials warned neighboring residents to refrain from leaving their household.

However, at around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, the dog was spotted under the eaves of a nearby home and was captured by police.

Shino Sugi, a spokesman for Ina City’s Health and Welfare Office, said, “There is a possibility the dog attacked the sheep because it was quite famished.”

Officials are trying to locate the dog’s owner.

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I love living in a country where a dog attacking three sheep is one of the lead national headlines.

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I will be happy to know if they arrest dog owner and prosecute.

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Dogs don'r generally attack large animals unless taught to do so by a human. Find that human; spare the dog (but keep him on a short leash).

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@Laguna, That's NOT true. All dogs are predators and will chase anything that runs. Sheep excel at running. Some humans encourage their dogs to chase sticks, cats, other dogs, deer, bear, humans....because dogs like to chase things on their territory or because it is moving or because they have been trained to pursue. But the desire to chase is inherent in the species. I too hope the owner is located and fined. If it is surmised the dog was 'famished' it sounds as if the dog was dumped and starving. Owner should be fined for that as well.

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They couldn't able to tell the name of the breed after they have seized the dog. But i am 100% sure it's not Labrador Retriever, they are getting very popular in South Korea recently, i hope it gets popular in Japan as well.

ButbWas it really dog? It might be just human or wolf or that grizzly bear from the 70's Sonny Chiba fought long time ago.

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In countries where sheep are farmed(Australia for example) dogs running free are shot summarily. Attacks on sheep by wild dogs is a huge financial problem for farmers. It could have been a human attacked with disastrous results.

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Seadog, same in UK, farmer has the right to shoot any dog worrying his livestock.

Backpacking, sorry but even a Lab will chase sheep, it’s part of being a dog. I have a Lab and live in the country, and yes he is kept on a lead anywhere vaguely near livestock.

If this was the culprit, it certainly sounds like the poor thing has been abandoned, or at least is not being looked after or fed properly.

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