Domestic matsutake mushrooms more affordable due to good harvest


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have become more affordable due to a good harvest, with wholesale prices halving in some areas

The wholesale price has decreased, but I doubt if there will any change in the retail price though.

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Domestically grown products like mushrooms and garlic, should not be so much more expensive than the imported versions. I would buy them a lot more often if they weren't three times the price.

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I can’t afford to buy one 1 single mushroom at 2500yen per 100grams

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Some people risk their lives (some fail) to get these super expensive mushrooms from steep cliffs etc. I have never eaten them but I definitely wanna try.

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Well, I hope the savings are passed on to consumers. I buy matsutake mushrooms pretty often for BBQs, but never buy these stupidly priced domestic ones. Perhaps I won't be laughing as loudly this year when I see the price of them.

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Smells suspicious. One of my favorite foods.

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That's sad to hear for Japanese residents that they still get charged extravagant prices for domestically produced goods.

In the US if we buy domestically produced goods from the state we live in (meat, cheese, milk, produce) we get much cheaper prices than if it was imported from a different state.

They need to stop being greedy. But I'm sure that's not going to happen unless they get called out on it.

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