Dozens flee Izu Oshima ahead of new typhoon


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Oh no !

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So, I guess mayor learned his lesson last week.

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Given how rough the ocean is at the moment, I think it would be safer just to evacuate to the north end of the Island where it's flat. It seems like a bit of an overreaction to leave unless you have a health condition that requires a constant power supply. Besides, I would want to be onsite to inspect my property after the warnings are called off.

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I think it was the north west that got washed out so badly last week, ogtob. I'd think the south (further from the volcano) may be better, but there will be better and worse places to shelter, but a lack of power, water, foods, and medicines getting in and around. These evacuues appear to be the ones who are in greater need of access to medical attention.

I had heard from volunteers doing search and recovery that as a result of the typhoon and the weekends heavy rains, along with the mass influx of reporters, there have been shortagees of some basic supplies. Hopefully that's been relieved, and stocks built up again by now. Access will soon be cut off again.

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Taj, Look at Google Maps again. Imeedeiately west and south of the Town office area is near where the landslide was, but further north, around the airport, is basically the flattest place on what is essentially a volcanic mountain sticking out of the ocean. I stand by my assessment as the north being the safest if you are weathering out the storm on the Island (and it actually turns out to be a bad storm). The wannabe cameraman everywhere must be annoying for the locals and rescuers trying to do their job. In a news clip I saw over the weekend there appeared to be more cameramen than there were evacuees at the shelter.

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If I am not mistaken, there will be two more typhoons (not just one) approaching close to that area at the same time. It's really a good idea to leave for the time being.

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Oh no! i hope everyone stays safe.

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some info here:

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What's with all the typhoons this year? Seems like a lot, doesn't it?

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