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Drive-through Mother's Day flower service proves hit


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Positive ,and awesome I love my mom!

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The way the woman is wearing her mask under her nose in the photo renders it nearly useless.

In another drive-through service offered by a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, some 2,000 carnations were offered for free to customers at sites to receive such items as rice and various vegetable sets in Tokyo's Ota Ward and other areas.

This is nice.

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The way the woman is wearing her mask under her nose in the photo renders it nearly useless.

Not nearly useless. It's better over the nose, but the mask primarily is there to protect others, not the wearer. And since a cough is far more common with Covid 19 than a sneeze, it will serve well in stopping anything coming from the wearer's mouth. It's not an all or nothing practice - there are various degrees of protection, and poor protection is better than none.

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I love my mom.

Great story and a Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

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Nice story!!!!

"I hope families who usually refrain from going out will become happy" by receiving the carnations, said 40-year-old Atsushi Takekawa, president of Food Supply, the company operating the drive-through vegetable shop.

Nice job by Takekawa-san too....times like these the seemingly small gestures become really big and really important.

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it's Mother's Day, let's just enjoy it.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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As long as the flower venders and customers play it safe, this is a terrific thing to do.

Happy Mothers Day to all moms/mums/mommies/mummies (LOL)/mums/matre out there!

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Nice service.

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A big shout-out to my own mother!

I should have been with her these past 2/3 weeks but alas.

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Happy Mothers to ya guys

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