Drunken man survives fall from platform onto subway tracks in Nagoya


Police said Monday that a drunken man fell off the platform onto the train tracks on the Nagoya subway on Sunday. He sustained only minor injuries to his face as the train passed over him.

According to a city transportation official and police, the man, aged in his 20s, fell off the platform at Yabacho Station on the Municipal Subway at 8 a.m., just as a train was arriving. TV Asahi reported that the driver applied the brakes but the train passed over the man and continued on for 25 meters before coming to a halt.

The man was between the rails and was not touched by the train, TV Asahi said.

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Cue screams of "safety barricades" from some

The Sakuradori Line in Nagoya has safety barricades already

I seem to remember reading a story on JT a few years ago, of a Nagoya man who went on a drunken frolic on the subway tracks. Great photo of him being carried out of the station by some very unamused police officers.

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fresh from the coming of age celebration. Every year These new adults go out and have a wild time, i feel like the police and stations should be better prepared around this town.

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This idiot drunk is still alive??

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wow James bond! friend told me when i was drunk awhile back that i wanted to jump in front of a moving bus lol @_@'

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He's probably either 20 or about turn 20 and was out drinking all night after his seijinshiki. Let's hope he doesn't turn into another drunk 40-something salary man that stumbles onto the train tracks.

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They should add this attraction at Disney Sea with a 4 drink minimum

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I think I saw this scene in a movie!

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@Dennis Yes it was Hankyu. It happened right in front of my friend. In that case too, the train went right over him despite the alarm being pressed.

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He's lucky he wasn't electrocuted by the third rail. The Municipal Subway at Yabacho Station uses the third- rail system.

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Finally a story about an idiot being drunk with a happy ending. I know this caused him to fall on the tracks, but it seems to saved his life as well.

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Bet he won't forget in a hurry.

Bet the DRIVER won't forget in a hurry, poor guy: he must have had to change his trousers after that.

Drunk at 8:00 AM? Wonder if he was heading out or heading home.

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I hope the guy was charged for drunk and disorderly - and charged for the cost to the subway. What an idiot. Cue screams of "safety barricades" from some but what Japan needs is a drunk tank and more cops picking up the drunks Sat night and Sun morning.

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Lucky guy. Hope he learns from the incident.

afraid, he may try it again.

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@Darren Brannan

was it Hankyuu? the express train stopped suddenly when i was waiting at my station.

Anywayz the alchol probably saved him :p

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Although I'm glad this guy got off with minor injuries, I do hope he's being billed for the delays caused by his drunken accident.

I, for one who regularly use trains and buses to commute for work, am not happy when a train delay causes me to be late going to the office, or even worse, getting home hungrier and later than usual.

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Lucky guy. Hope he learns from the incident.

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man in his 20s at 8 a.m and drunk

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Lucky guy! Dionysos has been watching over him.

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Well, that'll sober him up in notime - not the best way to start a new year...

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The same thing happened in kobe last week. Also no injuries.

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Lucky for him. Bet he won't forget in a hurry.

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Excellent move.

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