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M6.4 quake jolts Ehime, Kochi prefectures


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Ehime prefecture also have old nuclear plants.

Ikata nuclear station is located on Japan's largest fault belt and very narrow peninsula, evacuation plans for residents are nothing but unreal, its nuclear disaster will contaminate neighbouring millions citizen or Seto inland's fishing grounds.

But present LDP regime who have been donated contribution from also major power corporations continue to cling to old nuclear plants to prioritize profit of nuclear industries than health or the lives of citizen.

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An average of 40 to 50 tremors happen daily but most are too small to measure or cause problems.

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Crikey, there have been so many quakes recently all over the country, it does make one wonder if there is a huge one on the way, I really hope not for the sake of the people and infrastructure.

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I didn't feel the quake because I am living in Tokyo. I hope nobody has been dead and insured by this quake.

This earthquake reminds me of the quake in Noto Peninsula which happened in Jan.

There has been several quakes, big or small continuing to happen.

Prof. Kamata, who retired from Kyoto University, said Japan has come into the era when the underground in Japan has got active since 1000years ago, which may cause the eruption of Mount Fuji.

So we have to make conscious today is at risk of big earthquake occurring at any time, but to be careful cannot stop the activity of underground and volcano. We have only to get ready of quake to come and know how and what to do when the quake hit Japan.

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Woke up my two Dobermans and then they proceeded to be on alert for the next two hours, making for a long night. Glad they're so protective, just need to work on their understanding of what's a threat and what's not

No Angie and Tyson, the leaf blowing across the yard is not a potential threat...

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There are thousands of mobile phones in the area as well as in every other area of Japan. No pictures?

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We're in Japan visiting family for two weeks, I was hoping to feel a smallish earthquake just because we don't get them at home.

Ironically, we were telling our young son that he might get to an earthquake in Japan as we drove across Queens on our way to JFK Airport in NYC, just as the biggest quake in many decades struck a few dozen miles away literally within minutes of that conversation. Of course, we didn't;t feel a damn thing because we were driving. We were dumbfounded when the emergency alerts went off on our phones like 10 minutes after that conversation.

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We felt that one. No2 locally. Unrelated the night before we had the most violent hale storm with ice like golf balls. Did a lot of damage locally.

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