Elderly couple die after being buried in snow in Toyama


An elderly couple was found dead after being buried by snow in a mountainous area of Toyama Prefecture on Sunday, as a cold air mass continued to dump snow on the Sea of Japan coast and parts of Shikoku.

According to police, the couple, Shigeo and Kazuko Nakashima, both 78, were driving their truck along a road in Takaoka when it apparently veered off the icy road and went into a river. TBS reported that the bodies were not found in the truck but on the slope, leading police to believe that the couple got out of the truck and tried to walk up the embankment. Their bodies were covered by dozens of centimeters of snow.

Meanwhile, Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku was hit by heavy snow for a second straight day. More than 1,350 households in several villages were without power and isolated due to the snow.

Shikoku Electric Power Co said electricity lines had been cut in at least 200 locations by the snow.

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Poor couple. Not a nice way go. Hope they had some comfort in each other at the end.

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I wonder if they didn't have a cell phone or if there was no reception? At least they were together in the end! RIP!

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sad, rip, I agree with above that at least they had each other in the end.

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Wow so sad may they rest in peace!

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