Elderly couple found dead in Tokyo apartment


Police in Tokyo said Sunday that the bodies of an elderly couple in their 70s were found in their apartment in Kita Ward. Police said they had apparently been dead for about a month.

NTV said the bodies were discovered at around 4 p.m. on Saturday. There were no external injuries on either body or any signs of breaking and entering.

A police spokesman said that the husband, who had been looking after his disabled wife, apparently died first. The woman, who was confined to a wheelchair, died sometime after, police believe.

Police said an autopsy will be conducted Monday to ascertain the cause of death in both cases.

The company that rented the wheelchair to the woman said they had not heard from her since October. They contacted a welfare office who sent a staff member to the apartment on Saturday.

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how very sad that it was a company rep (probably requesting payment) who found these old people. Not a child, family member, or worried neighbour.

Sadly I imagine cases like this will increase with the aging population.

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Take care of the old, they are the whole reason why society exists today.

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Very sad, They were together to the very end, RIP

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