Elderly couple killed in Hokkaido farm accident


A 75-year-old man and his 68-year-old wife were killed when a farm vehicle they were driving overturned on a slope in Yoichi on Sunday morning.

According to police, the couple had come to their oldest son's farm for the weekend and were helping in the field when the accident occurred. Fuji TV reported that the slope was about five meters high and quoted police as saying that the man driving the vehicle apparently lost control on the slope.

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What terribly sad news for a Monday morning... but at least they "went" together. RIP.

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Very sad news. RIP from many of us.

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Very sad and to happen on their son's farm.. RIP

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Sad news. I imagine that they turned across the slope and rolled whatever vehicle they were in. Very easy mistake to make if you're unaware of the danger.

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