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87-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after attack by swarm of hornets


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That is so sad and creepy in so many levels, what a tragic way to go! RIP poor lady.

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Those things are huge, and can sting repeatedly. Awful

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Horrible. Poor woman.

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I remember once hearing a warning blared out in my old neighbourhood to keep windows closed because of these swines.

Heartbreaking way to go. RIP.

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Damn that is a brutal and heart breaking story. I feel so sorry for the old girl :(

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I was stung by one recently... Luckily only one though ! Nasty creatures... The "sting" lasted a long time and I still have the "scar"... Poor old lady, I know what one feels like - being stung by so many, how she must've suffered...

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Poor old Girl, that was a Terrible way to go. What caused them to swarm and attack her in the first place ? Was it perfume or some sorts ?

As for the paramedics, and others who left her, they will now be left wondering if they could have done more to help.

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Suzumabachi. Very scary stuff. We have "killer" bees where i live. They're not so bad. Just don't anger them. Their honey is very good as well. I can't imagine a worse way to go,than being stung to death by giant flying bugs.

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Just read, 40-60 fatalities per year in Japan from these things.

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I've chased them off spraying water from a hose. In a panic situation it's hard to know what to do though and whether water is available or not. I'm hoping she didn't feel pain or fear too long, God resther soul.

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My daughter was attacked in South America; she and her companions threw themselves into the river to escape.

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