Elderly woman describes her flood victim husband's final moments


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This is the story I mentioned yesterday. Heart wrenching

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I saw this story on the news yesterday. A neighbor said that while the wife was able to climb up on a piece of furniture, the husband was not able to, but later he could hear him calling he was cold and needed help, but nobody could go and help them the water was fast and high. I can't imagine how this elderly man felt in his final moments. Also his poor wife, experiencing the death of her husband and not being able to do anything about it.

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...this is so heartbreaking.

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We all knew the mega typhoon was coming. Why did no one help them to prepare properly beforehand?

It's people like this who have the highest risk during these disasters.

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This is unbearably sad. What an awful parting for them both.

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Saw this yesterday. Reduced to tears. How utterly heartbreaking.

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How awful! I hope she can find some peace.

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So sad. RIP Osuma san.

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Why did no one help them to prepare properly beforehand?

Why didn't YOU?

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Oh me, Japan has surely been hit hard in recent years, and this story is heart breaking. Osamu Sekine-san. One of Japan’s truly great family men. And his wife. These kinds of people are the salt of the earth. I have many Japanese friends like this. And love them.

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Very tragic situation. How hard it must be for her to even speak about it. RIP, Mr. Sekine.

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A Tragic end, though they had Romance together right up to the end, which is much more than others, and their love will live on with her to her final day. Stuff of Movies, but a sad reality.

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