Elderly woman found dead, son bed-ridden after Yakult woman notifies police


Police said Friday that a 75-year-old woman was found dead, while her 45-year-old mentally disabled son was found in an emaciated condition in their house in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture on Thursday, after a Yakult drinks delivery woman notified police that something was wrong.

Police said that the Yakult employee told them that newspapers hadn't been collected for several days and that the woman had not looked well last time she saw her about a week ago, NHK reported.

Police said the woman appears to have died of an unspecified illness and was found on the first floor. The son, who cannot feed himself, was lying in his bed on the second floor. He was taken to hospital and is a stable condition, police said.

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Social services NO, police eventually, family No, people next door NO, thank god for super Yakult girl. Not just drinks but life saving actions, arm them.

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Yup. Better say "Good morning" and "thank you" to even he lowliest service workers. They're the social services of tomorrow's Japan.

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Sad story. Good thing the Yakult woman took the initiative!

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actually its a good idea. something like this should be done to the depressed, homeless, welfare peopl or old people to keep tabs on them. government policies are unreliable. private sector should contribute to avoid unnecessary deaths

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This is only a story because the yakult lady found her. I am sure the elderly slip by more often than we think. You may have heard the story of a Brit who died in his arm chair. He was discovered by the landlord who noticed the rent was no longer being paid. The dead dude had an 8-year-old (I am just throwing a number out because I can't remember how old it really was, but it was OLD) TV guide in his hand.There really is no dignity in death, at least for the deceased. But what I really wonder is how long it takes before a news editor decides it is long enough to make the news. In any event, well done woman!

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Agree, well done to the woman.

Myself getting a Meiji delivery twice a week and the delivery guy knows us and our routine so they can spot something odd fairly quickly(as should the newspaper, mail delivery guy, etc).

Myself got once asked by a neighbour if I am ok as my Bicycle(main-transportation) hadn't moved in some time. She seen my son coming and going but got worried about me, was down with the flu.

As was said not really news and I am sure happens more often than reported(here and overseas).

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Kudos to the Yakult woman -- she did, out of concern and kindness, what her neighbours, the police, and community did not.

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Good on the Yakult woman!!

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