Electronic device checks launched by Japanese airlines


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"Safety should come first but I'd rather not be screened as it's annoying..."

Two conflicting statements.

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It's a simple wipe of the surface with a special cloth that is then scanned, takes less than a minute. Maybe the authorities should explain the reality of the test, and the background properly.

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I wish the article stated how long such checks are taking. My company doesn't allow PCs to be checked in due to risk of loss so we now have to either take indirect flights or simply not take a PC if we fly to a country under the device ban (to/from USA). I wonder what it is about PCs and tablets that can hide explosives which would otherwise normally be detected by the regular x-ray equipment?

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Reminds me of Japanese airports banned ALL liquids on flights, then realized that it impacted duty free shop sales and smokers, so just banned things you can bring in but still sell flammable and combustible items and lighters inside the airport. It it can be done with a laptop or tablet, it can be done with a smartphone -- but they won't start banning or screening people for those.

How much do you want to bet they'll make exceptions for Panasonic staff or people carrying sensitive information on laptops because the company might complain?

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"randomly"!?! Gimme a break. If they're serious, they'd be profiling, like the Israelis do.

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@editor. Slightly off topic.

The photo is of an MD 11. JAL retired the fleet in 2000 after having them in service since 1991. A more appropriate photo for 2017 might be one of the variations of B777 (40) or B787 (29).

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Interesting, they can't catch ammunition being carried on an international flight, how are they going to find anything in the electronics?

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Yubaru: they found the bullets in Japan but not during the security checks in the US. Not sure what you are trying to say.

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"devices bigger than smartphones,"

On a recent flight I was told at Narita that I had to check my iPad. I'd loaded it up with videos to watch during the flight, and was planning to use it in lieu of a laptop during the trip.

Then in Istanbul, I all our hand luggage was hand-search (after the normal x-ray security checks) and everything bigger than a phone had to be left behind. They had boards with slots to check length and width, to see if your device fit through. My battery packs were wider than "a phone" so they bother went in the garbage pile. One irate passenger had just spent a hefty pile of Euros to buy a battery pack at the electronics shop in the airport and he was being told he had to hand it over as garbage. This was right at the boarding gate. Not a lot of time to go back for a refund.

I guess next time I'll travel phone only.

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it is what it is.

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Just making sure the Proudest Nation in The World. carry weapons and troubles over the ocean. Which is fine.

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Passengers are randomly selected

Why? This has to be the most retarded way to do this! If someone looks suspicious, select them! If someone fits a profile, select them! Do you want to stop the people who would take dangerous items on board a plane? Then you had better look for the kind of people who do! Don't just do something at random. It's half-a$$ed and a waste of time and money.

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"In late June, the U.S. government tightened screening of electronic devices on inbound direct flights from about 280 airports in 105 countries, including Japan. "

Since when hen did the US start doing the screening in other countries???? Do you mean in late June the US started requiring tightened screening?

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Dan Lewis

Ww wouldn't wanna offend anyone ya know...

Its better to fall outta the sky than be offended.

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I have not flown in over 27 years. I could not imagine what people go through now. I have only flown one bad Airline, and only had one problem with customs and that was in Canada with the American customs agents, but I have never experienced the type of security screening that you all must go trough to fly.

I got bent out of shape when the started removing all the public and train station trash bins all in the name of fighting against terror, in the end I really believe it was just about saving money! It's Like Rahm Emanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste"

They have enough equipment if used properly to see if you have anything on your person or in your baggage. It just seems like a way to harass people, which brings me to the last part of Emanuel's quote "And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.". ...Maybe this is all just to get people ready for the harsh reality of whats to come when the Olympic come to Tokyo in 2020.

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Normal-sized smartphones and cellphones are not subject to the tests, which are held behind closed doors.

Why behind closed doors? If it's the test where they wipe your device looking for traces of explosives it's quicker to do it in front of you. Legally and ethically it makes sense to conduct any test or search on an item in front of the person who owns it.

Random checks just means 'People who look different and who we've decided are dodgy because they are different".

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The US doesn't do screening in Japan, Japanese screening is done  by Japanese security officials (which in term is paid for by the airlines).   This was the system used in the US before 9/11 where airlines hired and paid for security checks.   However for flights to be approved to go into the US, security overseas must meet strict standards.  If they fail to meet certain standards, then flights to the US could be restricted, and since a lot of revenue is made to North American flights, airlines and security comply with these regulations.

Nothing new here.

In the years after 9/11 Japanese airlines used to do additional gate security checks of passengers bound for the US.  I would see them do additional bag checks etc right at the boarding gate at Narita.

The check here in this case, is a swap of electronic items and a check for any explosive residue.  The swap/napkin is scanned and a result comes out. 

Amtrak (rail network in the USA) does this at random checks at train stations as well.

Another note, this is not them checking the contents of your hard disk or software etc.  If you are worried about this, then you should note that US customs when you arrive into the US CAN and have checked people's computers, phones, cameras etc, so the Japan's security swabbing for explosives is really nothing compared to what Customs officials can check when you arrive and go through customs inspection.

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Also JT, the photo is an MD-11, which JAL hasn't flown in years, also it is an airplane sporting the old aircraft livery, JAL planes do not use that paint scheme anymore.

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I think Japanese airline and there hard working staff are just doing the right thing to protect us , passenger if some other people don't like to be subject into security check i think this kind of person not be allowed to be onboard to any airline they might be putting other passenger at risk if not they better have there own airplane.

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Start banning laptops and other electronic devices for American politicians and businessmen and watch the ban disappear all of a sudden.

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Major Japanese airlines on Tuesday began implementing tighter airport security measures on U.S.-bound passengers, checking for explosives planted in personal computers and other electronic devices.

What have they been checking prior to this.?

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