Elevator to Tokyo Tower’s upper observatory deck reopens after September trouble


The elevator to the upper observatory deck at Tokyo Tower reopened on Saturday for the first time since an accident occurred in September. In that incident, 12 people were trapped in the elevator 200 meters up during the afternoon after one of its window panes was smashed by an unidentified object, injuring a 6-year-old boy.

The passengers were stranded for about two hours before they could descend to the main observation deck.

Work finished on repairing the elevator last week, in time for the expected increase in visitors for Christmas and New Year.

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Glad it's repaired for the holidays - sure looked beautiful a few weeks ago. But still no word on what hit the window? And how's the little boy? The story could use a bit more meat on the bones.

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New headline - UFO Attacks Tokyo Tower! After all, it was unidentified.

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Hopefully there won't be any other accidents in the future, and they are preparing for the huge influx of tourists and other visitors in the next couple of years. Better safe than sorry, really.

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What? A bird bashed the window?

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