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Starlink helps communications in quake-hit central Japan


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Musk come to rescue, that's better than Japan Inc.

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But but, Japan inc just sent some junk to the moon, priorities eh?

Musk come to rescue, that's better than Japan Inc.

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offers in the country the Starlink service

tech billionaire's companies, has offered 550 Starlink routers

Never miss a business opportunity, eh Elon!

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Kyodo English writing has often been poor. I am not a native but noticed very basic mistakes all over the year. Such a company should hire proofreaders

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First off... Thank you Mr. Musk! Sure this might be an opportunity to showcase the technology but it is also badly needed and is helping thousands of people.

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The real problem with our cutting edge technology (cellphones or customary Internet connection) is that it gets desperately stuck when most needed. It's same wherever you go ☹️

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Elon Musk to rescue again, busy creating new markets with superior technology to solve REAL PROBLEMS!

Thanks to SpaceX team and Elon, for helping Japan!

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Musk come to rescue, that's better than Japan Inc.

LOL at the above

Mobile Communications Mostly Restored in Japan’s Quake-Hit Areas


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Starlink is wonderful especially if the routers are given without cost. Starlink routers (Costco Japan has them) are quite pricy. Monthly service is also quite expensive.

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