Emergency landing closes runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport


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Sounds like the brakes were locked when the tires hit the pavement

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Hats off to the pilot for keeping the passengers and crew safe.

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Also, if it returned to the airport shortly after takeoff, it was likely very overweight with fuel.

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Sensato: hear hear!

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None of the 293 passengers and crew on board were injured,

Lucky that airplane glitches this time didn't lead to a catastrophe. Kudos goes to the pilot.

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if it returned to the airport shortly after takeoff, it was likely very overweight with fuel.

They routinely dump excess fuel if necessary before landing

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A runway was closed at one of Tokyo’s main airports Monday after a Hawaiian Airlines jet punctured its tires while making an emergency landing, forcing the cancellation of some domestic Japanese flights.

Pretty sure there was nothing sharp on the runway that caused ALL eight (8!!!) main gear tires to "puncture". Perhaps the word 'burst' would have been a better choice. Hard braking and doing so with an aircraft at maximum landing weight for emergency reasons can lead to tires overheating and the safety plugs on the wheels blowing out to prevent the tires from exploding and causing severe damage to the underside of the fuselage and wings which could lead to a ruptured fuel line/tank, hydraulic lines, electrical wires or even control surfaces.

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It does sound like a brake problem, if the brakes had locked on that why it was still one a run way if the brakes were ok it could have taxied to a safe area to be repaired. thus not blocking a run way.

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Thank God. Everyone is okay.

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Glad that everyone was fine.

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Sensei, With a hydraulic failure, depending on the aircraft and indicated failure, the pilot may choose not to dump fuel. A hydraulic failure is a particularly dangerous and often progressive condition in which most pilots will choose to land immediately rather than risk losing control of the aircraft if the fault progresses.

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