Emperor's abdication ceremony on April 30, 2019 to be state occasion


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A state ocasion? Let him be. Twilight years, no need to make an occasion for others. He just wants to relax. Too much pressure and he has handeled it well. I have nothing but pity for him, and nothing but despicable feelings for the holy of holy Imperial House Hold Agency.

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can't wait for the 10-day vacation! Thanks for your services, emperor. if haruhito is half the man you are, then japan will be just fine.

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I'm just hoping he lasts until then, and longer to enjoy the remainder of his life. Shame on the Imperial Household Agency and Government for unnecessarily dragging the process out so long.

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While I am not a big fan of any imperial / monarch system that has served its time, on this one occasion I will speak out on this ceremony. Let him be, he has done enough over the years and should be allowed to enjoy a simple abdication into his retirement. He has serve dutifully towards the country.  What a shameful and selfish act by the Imperial Household Agency and government to push this as a state matter.  The people of Japan who pay taxes should be the ones to have the say not the few members of the IHA or government since the majority of paying for affairs and household needs is done by the sweat and tears of the people not the IHA and government. The people should have the final say since it is our money.

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I've been to Hayama a few times, and didn't know there was an Imperial Villa there. But I can understand why. The view is awesome. You can see down the coast past Enoshima all the way to Mt. Fuji

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Ye gods, the poor man. Has he not done his stint, admirably?

And I ask this as a non-monarchist.

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Yeah, those details are great. But! I wanna know if we get ten days vacation for the abdication.

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These cabinet cowards have dragged this out as much as possible, with the expectancy that this poor man is not going to make another 1 year 2 months. This may not be an abdication, he may not take this for that long.

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I always found it curious that they dress in Western clothing. For a ceremonial role, it seems more appropriate that they'd dress in Japanese attire.

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@capt: They wear Emperor's Japanese attires, not kimonos you mentioned, at Gishiki (Ceremonies). If you want to see how these Emperors' imono looked like, buy a box of card game Kokura Hyakunin Isshu Nintendo publish. Choooose Tennou picture cards,,,, and watch attire. Tennoou has a cap on and holding one pray card on one hand.

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Emperor Akihito has preformed his state functions honorablity while enduring his illnesses and deserves to pass the Throne and retire from public functions and enjoy his remaining days. Monarch Abdication are atune to Incarnations and are all done with much fanfare and are not unlike the Presidentual ceremonies. They are what they are and there’s no getting around them.

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It takes a long time to pass around the clipboard and get all the inkan stamps.

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