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Emperor's birthday event canceled due to coronavirus outbreak


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I have no idea why they are cancelling this event! Hell every single day MILLIONS up MILLIONS of people are travelling the trains in and around Tokyo alone!

At the most only 10,000 or so would have shown up AND been allowed onto the grounds to wave their flags!

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Flooding and the epidemic; it’s been a bumpy beginning for the new emperor.

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Biased fear wins the day!

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Wise decision.

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Although this is way overreaching from a public health standpoint I can see this being the right choice in terms of PR. If any single person became sick after attending the event (regardless of when they were infected) the blowback would have been huge. Not something you want on your record in the first year of your reign. Not to mention, the appearance of doing something indulgent or extravagant in the middle of a public crisis (however you define that) almost never works in a public figure's favor.

But yeah, basically unnecessary.

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. Not something you want on your record in the first year of your reign. 

Funny thing about all of it is, the Emperor has ZERO say in the entire "event" other than being the "guest" of honor!

But heaven help, as you noted, if even one person caught this bug, while being there, it would have been "his" fault!

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It sounds like a good idea. There would be a large gathering of people.

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Thank you to the Royal House and Emperor for thinking about our public health and well being by canceling the event under the circumstances. Long live the Emperor

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Japan is using HIV medicine too treat Coronavirus, While China is using blood plasma from recovered Corinavirus victim Google Japan HIV Coronavirus Treatment Google China Blood Plasma Coronavirus Treatment

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In the old days, there would be a new nengo announced, not only on the ascent of a new Emperor to the chrysanthemum throne, but to mark noteworthy auspicious or inauspicious events.

Since the start of Reiwa, we've had massive flooding, a super typhoon, more flooding, and now pestilence.

At one time that would be more than enough to warrant changing the nengo.

Just sayin'.

Happy birthday, anyways

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. Not something you want on your record in the first year of your reign. 

Funny thing about all of it is, the Emperor has ZERO say in the entire "event" other than being the "guest" of honor!

uh, he does have a say, and he said he doesn't want to hold the event this year.

and yes, it would have been his fault if people contracted the disease at the event because they woulnd't have gathered there...wait for it...if he held the event.

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You people should be hoping that find a hopeful treatment in Japan, your life and job may be at stake, America is not really feeling any affect yet

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Will he still get to eat his cake? I hope so. That would be a real shame.

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Oh good grief people, the Emperor had nothing to do with typhoons, volcanoes, floods, nor the Coronavirus outbreak. These would have happened regardless of an emperor on this archipelago or not. Get a grip. It is the guys birthday and out of some basic caution they are cancelling a PUBLIC event. Wish the dude a happy birthday for goodness sake and get on with your life.

Take off the foil hats and turn off Alex Jones.

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People better get a grip on reality, this virus is not going away in the near future, and better educate themselves,about the most prudent mean to survive, these Chinese are doing this by trial and error, maybe learning from their mistakes, so Japan will not have too

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Happy Birthday!!!

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