Emperor's enthronement parade inspiring wedding dresses, tours


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This is getting to be so excessive, it's almost becoming surreal.

In a world where UNIQLO has become a kind of universal fashion norm -

in terms of style and affordability -

this ongoing ceremonial fawning around regal ascendency

is out-of-tune with the poster-modern age.




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Claw back some of the ¥20 billion costs.

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@ Maria .... '.... and the world is watching.'



Royalty - in any country, particularly conservative Japan - is not known for avant garde fashion.

Besides, the 'enthronement' is not a Paris-Fashion-Show Catwalk

What we will see ad nauseum ( if anyone care to look) is ongoing morphing of fashion a la a 1950's debutante's ball, with decadently expensive silks, embroidered bodices etc

The HIP HOP culture of the west is disinterested.

The traumatized oppressed people groups around the world do not have a clue.

Japanese workers struggling to live as they are digging themselves out of the effectso 2 major typhoons can not relate to such extravagance.

And the rest of us middle class - YAAAAAAAWNNNNNNN


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Was Masko under stress be before she became empress,it hard to fake happiness, it only make them look plastic, Masako ought be able to express her unhappiness, if she is not happy

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JAPAN has been known for fashion.

This is good news and the world is watching.

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Excellent news! The enthronemement will boost tourism by hundred of thousands. Most foreign visitors have no experience of Monarchy. Win-win!

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