Emperor cancels duties due to cold, fever


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82 years old and has to call in sick. Please let the poor dear retire already.

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And you wonder why this country has a problem with people over working??

The Emperor has served Japan well for many decades, it time for him to a normal 82 year. My father is about the same age, his official duties are now exercising, watching TV, gardening, and playing with his grandchildren. Give the poor man a break.

A bet a lot of people make an income, and draw a paycheck from supervising the Emperor's duties. I bet most of them don't have his best interest in mind.

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Gosh, the Imperial Household Rasputin,s will just not let him go will they?

I wouldn't want to be royalty. I wouldn't wish this curse on anyone. They live like prisoners. They don't respect him enough to allow him to retire and live in peace. If I was his sons, I'd be applying for asylum somewhere. Its horrible how they treat him. And they have shamed the whole nation in the process.

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what are his duties??? seriously, counting tax-payer spend on his upkeep? Waving, what purpose exactly does this person serve?

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Garlic, ginger, leomon juice and honey. Bed rest with lots of water. Get well.

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Jaymann at Dec. 16, 2016 - 04:03PM JST "what are his duties??? seriously, counting tax-payer spend on his upkeep? Waving, what purpose exactly does this person serve?"

His duties are many and varied. He probably works harder than most of us ever do and has kept it up for decades. If you want to know the details, a bit of research will do wonders for you.

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They don't live on tax money. Although their assets were seized after war, this Emperor write research article of marine biology in related magazines to earn money just like scholars. And I think they have been receiving royalty pay of late Emperor's'Pllantss of Imperial House.'

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May the Emperor have a full and speedy recovery.

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This is Japan. No calling in sick!!

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Such BS... the guy wants to step down but idiot bureaucrats cannot agree on how or whether he should.

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Maybe one serve of Cup of Ramen for snack to reduce cough?

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I wish his highness good health. He should take more rest and leave the throne early, an 82 year man bears such a heavy load of daily work is unimmagineable.

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Let him retire.

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@educator60. He is drain on the taxpayer and an unnecessary anachronism. The very idea that someone can be born 'to be better' than others is as appalling as are the sycophants who support it. That is not a mater of research but rather rationality.

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