Emperor, empress encourage victims in typhoon-hit areas of northeast


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This was a great gesture by the imperial couple.

Wouldn’t all that taxpayer cash spent on religious rituals for the enthronement have helped a lot of people?

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Seriously? Don't feel sorry for them, give them money and supplies, help them rebuild. Walking around shaking people's hands isn't helpful.

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I'm sure they geuinely mean well. But sometimes these gestures come across as a bit mawkish.

In any case, the affected need support, shelter and resources.

And we can also help our host nation by donating. Your local stores should still have donation boxes at the checkout. Every bit helps.

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Nothing like a day of PR. Dont solve a thing but look nice for the public.

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Seriously? Don't feel sorry for them, give them money and supplies, help them rebuild. Walking around shaking people's hands isn't helpful.

I completely agree, but in my job where I have talk to people every single day, I hear constantly that a lot of people are quite happy that the royal family comes see them, talks to them, and gives them encouragement. I agree with most of the previous comments, but then again, I wasn’t born here and I can’t relate to the thinking of the people in this country, but they feel content and happy with the roles that the royal family plays.

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What is Masako doing with a Prada bag,not she will be buying something there

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I think they genuinely mean well - even if under constraints and their lives orchestrated to the nth.

And as Bass4 said many people here do appear to be encouraged by their presence, but as others alluded to a simpler more "down to earth" royal approach, would allow for greater monies to directly go to the causes they want to support.

And the fawning of the media is a real put off. Last night on NHK the newsreader was excitedly mentioning how Masako was bending her knees to lower her position when talking to a disaster victim, suggesting great humility. How about she simply wanted to get closer to the 150cm little old lady.

Truly hope, over the coming years the couple are allowed to be human and the powers to be (govt, media etc) just take a big step backwards.

But I'm not holding my breath as the mumbo-jumbo of royal-dom casts a spell over many.

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I don't understand such visits. If that were me, I would be like, "Nice to see you, but why are you here if you can't do anything to help me?".

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In my country, if the President and his wife go outside, and rainy, will have at least two guards held the umbrellas over them.

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Give words but nothing else.

Japanese love their costly imperial family, soon to be extended. Plenty of money to milk from peasants.

I know they genuinely would like yo help but I prefer to do it from the distance. Just the cost of their travel would rebuild one house I am sure.

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When I am hard time, just given words gently, it will makes me encouraged.

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the empress looks happy and relaxed nice too see.

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They stopped short of offering them spare rooms in the palace!

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