Emperor, empress leave for UK to attend queen's diamond jubilee


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To all of you republicans out there, do you know how much the Queen costs per year per head in the UK? 61pence! That's roughly Y78. 61p... that's all. Bargain ^.^

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I cant speak for the Emperor, but I can for the Queen, and I can tell you she is not a sponger, apart from making the country 300million a year and costing 30million a year, she has her diary planned daily without weekend nor retirement in service to the country. 270million a year to the country is hardly sponging. I hope the Emperor has a wonderful time, and I hope to see some pictures even videos of the events with them included.

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How could anyone not like that couple.

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some07791 When did the Queen last do that? Indirectly for Australia, with Gough Whitlam when he was creating a Constitutional Crisis. Next question.

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i was born the same year the queen was crowned. Back then my mother was given a little silver teaspoon. I'm waiting to see if she''ll send me something this year too? iPad, iMac, macbook air, any of those would be good, otherwise gold or silver?

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@Olrik, Michiko is the Empress not a Princess. And the article says she went as well.

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@Zichi I got a blue coronation mug and a "Fry`s Five Boy " chocolate bar. I hope the Japanese Royal couple enjoy their trip, I am sure they will be made very welcome.

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A pity their heir to the throne couldn't go with his wife.

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Readers, please keep the discussion civil.

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I don't think the Queen (or Japanese Emperor) is a bad person, I do question whether we should still have them. It's the 21st century, if anyone is counting...

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In the Top Ten most Democratic countries: 7 Monarchies - 2 Republics In the bottom ten: 1 Monarchy - 8 Republics Full Democracies: 13 Monarchies - 10 Republics Authoritarian Regimes: 9 Monarchies - 32 Republics

From the Democracy Index 2010 France -that symbol of a Republic- isnt even a full democracy, its a flawed democracy.

Long Live Queenie and Emperor!

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Wow! Princess Michiko looks great when you enlarge that photo, but I guess she's still not up for international travel and such strenuous activities?

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Gpd save The Queen,long live The Emperor...BANZAI!

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@Olrik, Michiko is the Empress not a Princess. And the article says she went as well.

Oops, meant Princess Masako...

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I think the queen sounds like the better bargain.

Whats the relationship between her maj and private equity firms? can only one exist at a time. Or did a private equity firm apply to be UK head of state?

Back on topic - with the age of the Emperor and his recent health problems I hope this trip doesnt prove too much for him. Japan needs him back, I hope he enjoys his trip.

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Atleast they protect democracy -numerous cases of them slapping governments wrists when they get a bit dictatory/authoritarian -democracy i

When did lizzie last do that in UK?

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The Emperor and Empress are absolutely great representations of something some people need. Huzzah!

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The Monarchy is out of date. I'm looking to get out of the UK during the celebrations. I hear there's some lovely places in the world to visit. Any takers?

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Seeing as the topic is already raised above by other posters.... it is not the cost of out-dated, hereditary, leaders that is the issue, but rather whether or not they serve any tangible purpose at all. Also, what it says about our development as the human race that some (an ever decreasing amount as well...) feel the need to elevate some due to an accident of birth. I reject even 1p or 1y of my money being spent on this ridiculous and utterly meaningless pantomime. They are just people, born into total privilege.

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I like the emperor and his status but dislike the british royals, dunno why maybe coz i generally dislike england perhaps.

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