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Emperor, empress visit Ise shrine to complete 2 enthronement rites


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Masako looks OK but the emperor looks like someone from Blackadder.

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I would really like to see the three sacred relics

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I just feel sadness and sorrow for them. Pandas have more life choices then these two.

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Didn't notice the shoes, the hats got my attention first. Thought he looked taller.

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Reckless, you rock! That is a lot of rigamarole the new Emperor is donning there.

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( like i said before ) i already lost count of all these ceremonies and rituals ...

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respect them and sympathise with them, don,t get me wrong, but i,ve lost count of all these ( expensive ) ceremonies and rituals ...

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rcch - Bansai! May the emperor live 1000 years! He is 59 this year, and this may be a once (or twice) in a lifetime event for observers. This is the second enthronement that I've lived through, and I hope it lasts long enough to be my last. I plan to live another 30 plus years. Respect and sympathise with them, and many years from now may you look back on them as curious and ancient rituals that you can relate to those who have never experienced one. Let's hope that Reiwa is a benevolent and peaceful era.

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