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Emperor performs thanksgiving ceremony as key succession rite


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Billions of yen from the ever impoverished taxpayers in Japan?

For Naruhito to meet the sun goddess, the auspicious events and places were determined by ‘turtle shells’

Who would have thought that hocus pocus would be so outrageously expensive...

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Sorry for my mistake in previous post: Not 1911 but 2011

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1911 - 2011

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Truly unfortunate timing with the enthronement and the devastating typhoon. 

A few months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami followed by Nuclear meltdown in 1911, a group of young Japanese women was questioning themselves if they should continue to play their favorite game, succor, in such time. Here is what they decided to do:


Naruhito is giving victims lip service by saying he'll pray for them...

Are you kidding? Seriously, the Japanese Emperor does pray. He does it everyday. After all, he is the Priest of Japan, and his main mission is to pray for the people of Japan and peace of the world. It is the raison d'etre of Japanese Emperor, a tradition firmly established by the previous emperor's life-long effort.

You serve your country not by abandoning but by devoting yourself to your CALLING.

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Is "thanksgiving ceremony" a good translation? I don't think so.

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Truly unfortunate timing with the enthronement and the devastating typhoon.  Here was a chance for the new emperor (side note: there are those who say Hirohito was the last true emperor) to become one with his people by significantly scaling back the ceremonies (notice I didn't say cancel) and especially the first-class meals that are faaar out of reach of regular citizens, and using a portion of the funds for the state ceremonies to help the typhoon victims and the victims of the 3/11 quake/tsunami/radiation (remember them .. ?). 

Instead, Naruhito is giving victims lip service by saying he'll pray for them, all the while taking in the enthronement ceremony with all its accoutrements.

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This story seems to have omitted a lot of interesting details.

Some Japanese apparently believe that Amaterasu Omikami is present in the room with the emperor!

And somehow the ritual establishes a conjugation between the emperor and the Goddess.

The mind boggles!!

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Daito_hak, no he is not, you are importing religion in to the comment. All societies have their rituals and ceremonies, it is a fundamental of human nature, some are religious and others not. Even the USA with its enshrined separation has its rituals and ceremonies, every group be they a country or a gardening club has them, formal or otherwise.

Other than your own bias, what is so wrong with a religious ceremony if it is fitting to that culture? It is more fitting than an imposed concept from an alien culture, ultimately it is for the Japanese as a society to decide what is appropriate to their society, history and cultural needs.

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If Turkey and Dressing is served count me in

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We need a happening royal. The one that mix with crowd and make lasting impression. Its 21st century.

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Ritals and ceremonies are an essential part of the fabric of society. When they disappear we are left with immoral politicians to carve the past and future.

You seem to argue that we need religion to have morality in a society, no we don't. It's ridiculous to argue otherwise. We need intelligent and rational people. The Japanese politicians who support this kind of circus have proven to lack morality in a level that puts them among the top contenders in the worldwide immorality race. So your correlation just does not fit reality

Now rituals and religious ceremonies are fine to exist, as long as tax payers don't pay for them because precisely not all of them believe in this fantasy.

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another shameless waste of taxpayer money. How on earth is everyone lapping this up?

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Our tax payer money being used to pay some religious nonsense fantasy. Well....kanpai Shinzo!

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