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Emperor wishes 2023 to be year of hope amid pandemic, war


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I wish them a happy and healthy new year as well!

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Happy New Year 2023, to the Imperial Family . . .

明けましておめでとうございます 2023!

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I strongly feel the importance of repeatedly holding dialogue to overcome differences in stances and working together with others in the international community.

Vote for the emperor as next prime minister.

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Empress Masako, Emperor Maruhito and, Princess Aiko with a lock of her black hair cascading down the left side of her face, look a very happy family. With readers of Japan Today, I wish Japan's Emperor, Empress and Princess a Very Happy New Year, 2023.

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Seems the weirdo partition board as a background has been dropped. Next: No masks Japan. It's endemic and over.

Oh, and why not open the Crown to women? We are not inferior to men!

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In the UK edition of the Daily Mail it's the same picture but with a rabbit sculpture instead of the flowers, maybe its to inform us westerners that its the year of the rabbit.

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What a generic comment. Does the Emperor not know that the pandemic is already over? Let’s “hope” he does.

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