Emperor kept in hospital due to persistent fever


Emperor Akihito remained in hospital on Friday after his fever went up again, the Imperial Household Agency said at a news conference.

Doctors had said Thursday that the 77-year-old emperor, who has bronchitis, was well enough to be discharged on Friday. But his coughing worsened Friday morning, the agency said, adding that doctors decided to keep him hospital for at least another day.

The emperor was taken to the University of Tokyo Hospital last Sunday night.

The agency said the emperor is expected to return to his official duties by early next week. He and the empress are scheduled to meet Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and his new bride, Queen Jetsun Pema.

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Get well soon, Your Highness.

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Get well my emperor, we need you!

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Good luck, Sir.

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Wow- such politeness on this thread! "Sir", "Your Highness" lol! I say get well soon, old akihito.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

B kewl aki-kun

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Well I for one do hope he gets better soon, no apple polishing no sir, etc..just as a human being, a fellow human, odaijini.

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Maybe his Majesty needs a small statue of an Akita-Inu.

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I wish him well. But I don't think we need him. It's sad that at his age he is forced back to work just after leaving hospital. He could retire from official duty and take all his time to recover. His sons can have tea with the visiting royalties.

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Wow- such politeness on this thread! "Sir", "Your Highness" lol! I say get well soon, old akihito.

I guess some readers never learnt about Protocol etc in their own countries..shoganai ne!

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Through most of history the tenno (Emperor) was a kind of sacred youth.

He would usually retire while still young, often only becoming powerful later in life.

It was only from Meiji (1868) that the tenno has had to stick it out to the end.

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