Employee finds Y4 million in trash bag at Nagoya recycling facility


An employee at a Nagoya recycling facility, owned by IHI Environment Engineering Co, found 4 million Japanese yen in a trash bag on Tuesday, police said Wednesday.

According to police, the employee found a paper bag wrapped in newspapers while he was dividing the garbage for recycling. The bills were of 10,000 yen notes, but not new ones.

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Why throw money away?! Who would do this?

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Why throw money away?!

Because it was not "new ones"! You know Japanese houses are small, so throw out old stuff when you get something new. Like money.

Please throw it my way next time, I'll recycle it for you.

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Okinawamike - Good one.

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Oh! What if it was part of the money someone took from that bank vault in Miyagi?

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Why the hell would the trash guy tell any one what he found. He should have just pocketed it.

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aloha japan I tend to agree with you, I hope he receives it if it isn't claimed. but I doubt that will happen. Maybe someday his honesty will be rewarded.

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Thanks Sarge.

"Oh! What if it was part of the money someone took from that bank vault in Miyagi"?

I would still do the right thing and recycle it for them.

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What a good, upstanding member of society you are, Okinawamike! Way to keep our Earth clean! lol We should all recycle more!

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More than likely put out by a senior if so i hope it's returned-if not it should be "finders-keepers!

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