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Empress Masako conducts 1st official duty in new capacity


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She does look much better.

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Empress Masako, Pls gambatte. Pls go forward and live on.

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I hope living a life of luxury doesn't take too much of a toll on the new emperor and empress.

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She does look much better.

of course she is , she the bosses wife now, the imperial household goons opps staff cant boss her around like they use to. hoping the new emperor will push his weight and bring about changes that modern royalty require

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Bowing whilst shaking hands?

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I still feel angry about this - she was pressured into the marriage from all sides, she had little choice, She was forced to abandon a happy and successful life and a good career. Let's not forget she turned him down at least twice, but he had to have what he wanted.

And then the pressure to breed, and the visible disappointment when she had her daughter. Later, Princess Kiko became the breed mare in an effort to produce boy. All coercion and family pressure.

You call that luxury? You try it.

12 ( +15 / -3 )

Such a well educated and brilliant mind that has been forced to live the majority of her life under suppression. Yet, japanese women are known to often flower in their latter years, as they come into their own. So given her new arena, i hope she will flourish in this stage of her life and be an inspiration to women to aspire to fulfilled and active lives in their later years.

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Excellent post.

You have really struck the nail on the head.

Just because she is the new empress doesn't mean everything is OK.

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“An adjustment disorder?” She does not have a disorder! She has been reacting to the daily pressures from the Imperial Household Agency dictating practically every move she makes, including how much time she can spend with her own daughter! That would make any parent extremely frustrated and depressed. Not to mention the stress from people telling her when and how to conceive a male child with a person she declined twice for marriage. With her lever of intellect and education, I would say she’s reacting quite normally.

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I still feel angry about this - she was pressured into the marriage from all sides, she had little choice, She was forced to abandon a happy and successful life and a good career. Let's not forget she turned him down at least twice, but he had to have what he wanted.

Are you saying she was 'married off'/forced to get married against her will? I agree in essence with what you say but she is the one who ultimately said 'yes'. Biggest mistake of her life imo.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

She will be an excellent Empress. And, whew, IHA doesn't know it's the father who determines baby's gender? The old, "She gave him a boy," stupidity. He gave himself a girl. Anyway, Empress Masako is a great empress, and I have confidence that she will be very good for Japan.

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What's with royalty and hats always? Just a projection of some notion of royal aesthetics? I get Queen Elizabeth wears them: she's from a way different generation. The Japanese royals have a particular matching style here. Odd in a way. I see Kate and Meghan wear the little ones. Pill hats? These gals wear the big 20's-ish ones?

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

@shallots--those hats mean it is a highly formal occasion. All the women celebs at Prince Harry-Megan Markle royal wedding had hats pinned on, and drew more attention than the dresses.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Everyone should learn to respect. I am glad there is still respectful events and places where we learn how to behave - wherever country that would be. I am tired of complaints and grouchy attitudes. It’s plain being tactful instead of being tactless. It is not healthy to look at the dark side of everyone.

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Empress Masako looks fabulous and is recovering nicely. She is performing her duties admirably.

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I still don't know who the Imperial Household Agency is trying to fool with that "adjustment disorder" or whatever they're trying to call it.

She learnt how to speak several languages, she left home and studied in pretty demanding Universities, most likely in another language, she must have had interacted with all sorts of people during her career. It must have been a GRUESOME effort to study all of that and she did it. She endured all of it.

How on earth would a woman like that find it difficult to adjust to living in a Palace and wearing expensive clothes while smiling? It makes no sense. Can you imagine the level of psychological (and possibly physical) abuse she must have been subjected to in order to end up like she did? They destroyed her and they know it. And when her husband spoke up to defend her, as he should, Prince Fumihito, in all of his hypocrisy, says publicly that he shouldn't make a statement without the Agency's consent (even though HE is the one who never sends a speech for approval) so it's not only bigoted courtiers but members of the family itself that must have taken part in it.

I hope the new Emperor will let his daughter inherit and that Masako's blood will prevail in the Chrysanthemum Throne, bathed in the tears of her haters.

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One reason for the hats, and in Queen Elizabeth’s case, the bright color dresses, is so they can be seen in a crowd. The Queen has said she knows people have come to see her, so she wants to stand out.

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I hope she helds her head high and shows them that she can do a really good job. And become the boss lady I know she can be !

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hope her int'l education influences all Japanese to follow suit

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Dear Lady, please come to New Zealand. Bring the whole family.

You are more than welcome.

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I think they may enjoy some 'renovation era' also in their outfits... they all always looks older than their Edo-time kimonos, dressed like a bad copy of queen Elisabeth.

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It's great to see Empress Masako conduct her first duty. She is so elegant as always.

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Maria: My sentiments exactly. It is modern slavery. Masako was a bright shining star. Intelligent, beautiful and popular. What a waste.

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