Empress Michiko turns 84; wishes for peaceful era after succession


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How I admire this woman, as well as her husband. Their work and consideration even to this age is an inspiration.

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Same here! They do know which way to go.

A perfect example for others to follow!

Happy Birthday, Empress Michiko!

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Each grace personified. Happy Birthday, Empress.

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Best wishes on your birthday, Michiko san. My late j-wife's mother looks very similar to her highness in our family photographs and always felt awkward when i made mention of it. Lol.

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Planning their escape route?

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Happy birthday, your majesty. Might I say also, that map looks like a great start for a board game. You might enjoy that too.

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Empress Michiko, Happy Birthday! For peace-loving Japanese, her words are super important.

Empress Michiko chose to raise her own children, and not have them sent to a foster family, which is unbelievable and unprecedented.

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Highly respected and highly educated, Empress Michiko knews very well Chinese poems and traditions. A few years back, "Empress Michiko recalled that when she was a little girl, her textbooks contained many Chinese poems and articles. Thinking back to a song recounting how large China is and how broad the Chinese mind is, she was even able to recite all the lyrics by heart. She also said that plum blossom was described in detail in the famous Japanese literature works Manyoshu, reflecting the influence of Chinese culture. Japanese people began to depict cherry blossom after the 10th Century AD, but previous to that era, the flower that was most talked about was the plum blossom."

"The Empress said Japanese people knew less about China than previously, though many still pursued such studies. "

Happy happy Birthday.

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Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko are without doubt, above political intrigue, the heart and soul of a nation.

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The emperor Akihito and the empress Michiko appeared always together before us. It became a familiar sight for us. We will miss them a lot. The next emperor Naruhito appears often by himself in public without Masako. It is very disappointing. Michiko was special.

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I think Masako chose to be not in the public limelight; depression, remember? can't blame her though.

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