English map of sake breweries in western Japan available


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I would have thought West Japan was more like Yamaguchi-ken, Hiroshima-ken, Okayama-ken. There’s a reason the Kyoto area is called the Tokai’s Central Japan....

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Good idea. There is a brewery near our home where staff speak English and provide written info in other languages. It's always packed with tourists of all nationalities.

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Now please make one of beer microbreweries.

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I'll stick to my own home-made wine thanks.

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Yes, sir.

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Now THIS is the sort of idea that will attract tourists, rather than a silly catchphrase! If anyone hasnt been, then get yourself to a sake tasting or a sake festival sometime, and recommend your tourist friends. It's amazing the variety of nihonshu out there (sweet, dry, sparkling, dark etc), and you are supporting local industry. I learnt more about Japanese culture from attending sake events when I first came here than studying the language!

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Western Japan? I thought Kansai was central Japan and Kyuushuu fell under Western Japan? Anyway nice initiative. Might check some out.

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You can find the PDF links here:

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Wetern Japan, yet no Fukui, Gifu, Ishikawa, Toyama, or Shiga. There is like 25 breweries in Fukui. Kukuryu and Ipongi to name two of the most famous.

Western Japan, in other words Kansai only.

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japan definitely does not do enough to promote one of its greatest cultural treasures: nihonshu! and i hope a map for eastern japan will be released soon for us tokyoites.

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Would it be possible to put up a link on here to see that booklet, also a link so that it can be down loaded so we ( tourists) can plan our journeys to these breweries?

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