English students get to try movie read-throughs


English students in Japan are being given the chance to experience the excitement and pressure of a movie read-through.

A pilot program has been launched for SkypeRead, which will see five students come together in a Skype group call to read through the script of a Hollywood movie. A professional language coach will act as moderator.

Read-throughs (also known as "table reads") are one of the critical early stages in the production of movies, TV shows and plays. The actors sit around a table - together with producers, directors, writers and other key personnel - and read through the script. Many actors regard read-throughs as being similar to the first day at school: exciting, but slightly terrifying.

Students taking part in the SkypeRead pilot program will do a read-through of "Toy Story", the first movie from Pixar Animation Studios.

"Our vision for SkypeRead is for people to have fun, improve their English, and release their inner Tom Hanks," says Graham Jones, whose consultancy, Ten Sentences, is developing the idea.

"We'd love to hear from any students who'd like to be involved in the pilot program. Also, we'd really love to hear thoughts, comments and suggestions for SkypeRead from our professional colleagues here in Japan."

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I don't think it's meant to be a way to study English, more like a way to practice English in a different way. They can practice sentence rhythm and inflection while reading materials that they are already familiar with. Sounds like a good idea to me, especially for any of them who think they might want to get into acting or public speaking!

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It's a good idea actually. Another variation on the 'Rets Rearn Ingrish' fad that people used to be willing to pay a lot for!

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This is an awful way to learn English. It's like a lazy teacher's lesson plan.

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