'Eruption alert' system for 47 active volcanoes to start Aug 4


The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) will start an “eruption alert” system for 47 active volcanoes nationwide starting Aug 4.

The agency said that alerts for eruptions of the volcanoes will be sent out via TV and mobile phones, Fuji TV reported Thursday. Within a few minutes after a major eruption is confirmed, the name of the volcano and time of the eruption will be transmitted to anyone who signs up for the notification service on the JMS site.

The system was set up after the sudden eruption of Mt. Ontake last September. Currently, 47 active volcanoes are constantly being monitored.

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"Currently, 47 active volcanoes are constantly being monitored." - article

Sensible, and seismic data from the sea bed? Both data streams exist and need better packaging to serve public safety and assist in appropriate response. Since each event is unique, divining what those responses should be requires more work than just an alerts system.

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47 active volcanoes nationwide.

That's a lot. Those of you who are unhappy living here should go back to where you came from.

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Probably overkill if this is just directed at hikers.

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I think it's great they have this.

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Nice...keep it up, and build huge dykes for the next tsunamis.

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Some volcanoes--especially Mt. Asama, which is on the border between Gunma and Nagano Prefectures--needs extremely close monitoring because this volcano has erupted several times within the last 25 years. A major eruption on the level of the Tenmei eruption of 1783 could have huge effect on the Japanese economy, since the ashfall could affect the entire Kanto Plain.

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