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Escaped pigs cause traffic jam on Hanshin expressway


Motorists on the Hanshin expressway in Osaka's Nishi Ward got a surprise on Thursday when two pigs fell from the back of a truck that was transporting them from Mie Prefecture to Kagawa Prefecture.

Police received a call from drivers at about 10 a.m., reporting that two pigs had fallen from the back of a truck. About 30 minutes later, police received more calls from residents saying that the pigs were running along the Kobe Harbor Highway.

The driver of the 10-ton truck told Hyogo police that the back of the truck might not have been securely fastened and that he didn't realize the pigs had fallen out until the driver of car behind him alerted him.

The incident caused a traffic jam for 12 kilometers.

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Run porky run! The only way you can stick it to your butchers is to kill their profit by escaping. Otherwise you are just a ham sandwich.

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Bac on track!

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Heres hoping the pigs make a clean get away. Doubtful though as they are probably injured after this clown didnt lock the gate on the truck. Seriously what sort of id1ot forgets to lock the gate when carting animals. Luckily no one was killed a pig falling from a truck would make a mess of on of those little tin can cars driven here.

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Shouldn't the headline say "A traffic Ham" ?

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I hope the pigs are okay -- and 'Twould be nice if they could escape and somehow live out their lives peacefully. Doubtful, but hey.

What's with trucks having problem keeping their pigs? I guess the first time, a few weeks back, WAS an accident, but still.

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Pigs should fly ^_^

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omg I laughed so hard reading this.

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Poor little piggies!

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i hope they get away!!

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You never sausage a thing!

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On the Hamshin expressway?!

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