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Evacuee student interns create Ukrainian subtitles for Japanese anime


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Good for them. They can be a bridge between the Ukraine and Japanese people.

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It is good to learn about the efforts of Ukrainian students to translate from Japanese to their language the mangas, this creates a bond, cultural exchange, relationship. People can serve the country in many ways, not only by fighting, have you seen the true story movie UNBROKEN? Without a deadly weapon a man served the Army, as a paramedic, rescued injured soldiers of both sides, a true human.

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Gaijinland: are you suggesting he can't comment unless he's been a refugee? to paraphrase McCoy: "You mean I have to die to be able to share my comment???"

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So these 2 are the 60% of Ukrainians allowed in to Japan that got some work.

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@ Zoroto - we know it pains you that the Japanese have taken in 2000 Ukrainians - and are providing them with support and in many cases jobs. I guess it doesn't match up with your twisted view that they are the bad guys and fascist Russia are doing the right thing.

Good on Visualmedia Translation Academy, as well as the Japan University of Economics in Dazaifu. This is a worthwhile project and with the popularity of Japanese anime, will build further bonds between the Ukrainians and Japanese. Kudos to them - and keep up the good work, students!

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