Ex-abductee Soga thanks late husband for prodding her to return home


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A nice article to read, despite the sorrow and tragedy behind it.

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Jenkins' book says Soga was not listed as an abductee by Japan. He claims the Japanese were surprised when the North Koreans told them about Soga. He also gives a version of how he met Soga that differs from your claim that it was through teaching English.

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I believe it was earlier this year that one of the 'alleged abductees' a Japanese man was found living under the radar in Japan all these years - he just didn't want to be found. One cannot help but wonder if other alleged abductees are doing the same here or elsewhere.

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She was 21. He was 40 and her “English teacher.”

He’s probably quite happy to embellish the details of their courtship!

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They were and are a family.

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Do your research propely before making offensive (towards Ms. Soga) commments. There is a lot to read about this subject.

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