Ex-negotiator of Tsukiji relocation issue again denies perjury


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“Even if I received reports about the negotiations, there was no room for me to stop it (the planned Tsukiji market relocation) with my authority.”

So, while you can't, I would sure wish then that you would tell the world, if you couldn't stop it on your authority, as friggin vice-gov of Tokyo, who could have?

Does the name Ishihara ring a bell?

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He also said he had “no memory” of the documents showing his awareness of the market relocation planning process after July 2001.

Ah, the old "I was drunk and don't remember" excuse. A great way to avoid a perjury charge even though there is evidence that states otherwise.

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Hamauzu was a close aide of former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, who gave the green light to the relocation plan in 2001.

Lock them both up. Scumbags.

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The whole tendency for Japanese to use the "I don't have any memory..." excuse has GOT to stop being acceptable, especially when followed with "because I was drunk". Seriously, every other story of scandal and abuse on this site over the last couple of days and going back years is "I don't recall..." or, "I have no memory of...", etc, with even the cop who assaulted the guy in Himeji on Sunday saying he didn't recall doing some things. Sure, other politicians the world over do it, but they don't get away with it like people do here.

Lock him up!

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It would be good to charge Hamauzu for perjury but I am afraid it won't happen because he is a member of the old boys club and the tokyoites aren't really interested. The massive amount of money Tokyo shouldered for the cleanup when it was Tokyo gas the seller that had to bear responsibility shows there was back dealing involving money passing between hands. People like Ishihara's accounts have to be looked into, well this is just wishful thinking on my part . It ain't gonna happen.

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This gives the impression that Japanese local government or at least Tokyo local government is riddled with corruption with society and the media complicit in accepting such tissue thin excuses and not probing much deeper.

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