Ex-residents of Russian-held islands may need visas for grave visits


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The Japanese government is unlikely to accept such a change as it means admitting Russia's sovereignty over the islets.

Not much the government can do really. And what did they expect? At least Russia is still allowing people to come and havent shut them entirely off!

Heck back when Okinawa was under US control, people from here needed passports to travel to mainland!

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More to come!!!, I just hope that Japan and Russia will cool it down and maintain mutual respect.

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Why are they not angry at the LDP for joining US led proxy war with Russia in Ukraine?

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When the Japanese government allows its agents to ignore Russian communication then the Russians have little option to cooperate with the Japanese and look who suffers?

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Why are they not angry at the LDP for joining US led proxy war with Russia in Ukraine?

Neither the LDP nor the US invaded Ukraine. Russia did. Thats why they are not angry at the LDP.

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Of course they could have a meeting to discuss the issue.

But every time the Russian diplomat starts to speak, the Japanese would have to stand up and leave the room to show solidarity with Zelensky.

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Russo-Japanse relations are as low as it can get. Now is the time for Japan to take Russia to the ICJ over their illegal occupation of the 4 islands.the US, UK and EU already consider them Japanese territory under Russian occupation.

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Japan should be neutral, for the peace and safe of the people.

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