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Exclusive low-cost carrier terminal to open at Narita on Wednesday


A new terminal entirely dedicated to low-cost carriers will open at Narita International Airport on Wednesday.

Terminal 3 will handle flights for the growing number of low-cost carriers. The terminal is approximately 500 meters from Terminal 2.

Airport officials said Terminal 3 will feature the finest food court of any Japanese airport ever, and will be equipped with 24-hour convenience stores as well.

The terminal is a 15-minute walk from the nearest JR station and other forms of transportation. However, a shuttle will run between Terminal 2 and 3.

Although three LCCs -- Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air and Spring Airlines Japan -- will be based in the new terminal, Peach Aviation will continue to funnel passengers through Terminal 1 where it has done so for many years.

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Great. A 100-yen terminal. Or kind of like the remainder bin in the old timey record shops.

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Been driving past this new terminal a lot, doesn't seem like there will be a place to drop & p/u passengers if you arrive by car.........will know once its officially open & all the keystones are outta the way so can get a better idea!

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Myself I almost never get off at Narita as my home is in Okinawa.

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With so much price competition among new LCCs, we can expect to fly for less than what we spend getting to Narita.

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A new terminal entirely dedicated to low-cost carriers will open at Narita International Airport on Wednesday.

Putting low-cost and Narita in the same sentence is an oxymoron. First off, it costs a fortune just to get out there, and back. And, second, its landing fees are so high, that ticket prices can only go so low anyway. But, it is good, I guess, to see Narita at least try and join the 21st century, even if only halh-heartedly.

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Low cost is bad. Many say: it will help the local economy. But money is not created out of thin air. Foreign tourists that spend in Japan don't spend in their own country. So the end result is more pollution from more flights and cities crowded with tourists. The only ones to gain are the LCCs. How about we go back to the 80's when you first work hard and then finally you enjoy a trip abroad on a decent airline, while sitting on a decent seat, with decent food and service and paying a normal air fare? Less pollution, less crowds and quite frankly, higher quality tourists too.

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The terminal is a 15-minute walk from the nearest JR station and other forms of transportation.

...so that customers are made aware that they are using the budget terminal.

And, in the words of Narita Airport's website,

you can also take a bus from T2 which will take 10-15 minutes. I hate to think how slow the bus will be going.

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You can still do that if you want, you know. You can work like a dog actually and spend all your money for an A-Class seat if you want..

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@siniestro In fact that is what I do. I travel less often but with proper flights. When i can I try to fly business as well. What I meant is that for many things in life, quality is better than quantity. So I would welcome a return to when flight service was higher (including less crowded airports) and fewer people traveled. I look at airports today and they are incredibly crowded. Taking a plane is like taking a bus. Honestly I tell you it's not a pleasant experience at all. And I am staggered by how much people is willing to suffer on a LCC plane just to get a cheap ticket. So I advocate blocking LCCs from offering their products, incentivize people to 'travel local' (maybe rediscover their own country), cut down on pollution, and so on.

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It depends. If this is their only chance to see another country, to explore and learn overseas (especially for over 10 days, then so be it). I can see them enduring a 2-7 hour flight to get this opportunity that they might not normally be able to afford.

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Because of the 787 I can fly into Osaka or Nagoya instead of Narita or Haneda. The Tokyo airports are overcrowded and my home is in Okinawa.

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